5 Swell Holiday Gifts … for a Steal!

Dec 07, 2014 | 2:58 PM

The holidays are officially here, my darlings, and that means that the holiday gift giving-a-thon is in full swing!

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You may still be hunting for that perfect present for everyone on your long list. Feeling frazzled? Well, I have some ideas that might help you finish that shopping in a jiff! And guess what? All of them are under $25!


If you’re here with me right now, you likely have some other music lovers in your midst;  maybe even some who still likes to hold that music in their hot little hands! How about presenting them with their very own copy of my CD?  And I promise:  that delicious, vintage-inspired cover is even prettier in person! And wait until you see the surprise on the inside! Click here for the actual CD! 


yours, for just $13!

2. An MGM movie box set

You know my love for the magic of a good ol’ musical knows no bounds. If you know someone else who is obsessed with them as I am, try out this box set of MGM movie musicals. It includes three of my very favorite ones, and they’re great to watch with kids:  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; West Side Story; Fiddler on the Roof.

$22 from the TCM Shop!


For those style-savvy gals (and guys!) on your list, here’s a little book I found called The Power of Style:  The Women Who Defined the Art of Living Well by Diana Edkins and Annette Tapert. It’s chock-full of juicy personal stories about 14 fabulous fashion icons like Coco Chanel, Pauline de Rothschild, and Diana Vreeland with plenty of photos to “ooooh” and “ahhhh” over! You’ll even see that the inspiration for my new YAY mugs (number five below) are all named after women in this book!

$18 or less on Amazon!


Who doesn’t love a glass of champagne? If you’re experiencing some holiday shopping stress, you may even feel like you need one right now! Of course, we all have our limits. (For me, it’s a glass and a half. Can you believe what a cheap date I am?). If you or your loved ones want a glass of champagne without even taking a sip, grab one of the “Champagne” scented candles included in the Rewined collection offered by West Elm. An eco-friendly bonus:  The holders are made out of repurposed wine bottles!


$22 from West Elm

 5. A mug from my brand new “Yay!” line

Finally, in this festive season, let’s celebrate together with my new Yay! line of mugs! They’re inspired by my passion for mid-20th century design, and the generally glam-o-rific ’60s. Let the positive message add a little extra oomph to your morning coffee!

my brand new Yay line!  $15.95-17.95 per mug!

I hope this little curated list of gifts helps you get into the spirit or over the finish line! I’d love to hear about what you’re most excited about giving, receiving or enjoying this holiday season.


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  1. Bruce Thomas     Reply

    Dear Santa,
    I’ve been pretty good this year; only a little naughty. Please send Isabel Rose to deliver a Yay mug after her Chanukah is complete.
    Thanks much!
    PS I still believe!

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