I'm not exaggerating when I tell you this: I spent every Friday night of my childhood watching an MGM movie musical. I wasn’t raised by two dads. However, my one dad happened to be both a military historian and a lover of the great American songbook. By the time I was six, I knew all the words to both the US Air Force anthem and to Singin’ in the Rain. The Technicolor education of my early years continued at Yale, where I was introduced to the two things that made me the woman I am today: gay men and false eyelashes. My acting career has spanned the sublime (being cast by Jerry Zaks in the Tony Award-winning Six Degrees of Separation) to the ridiculous (playing Gwyneth Paltrow’s hare-lipped twin in The Williamstown Theater Festival production of Huckleberry Finn). I got the idea for a movie after catching Eartha Kitt’s cabaret act at the Carlyle. Written with my Yale roommate, Robert Cary, we decided to go the Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland route — otherwise known as making an indie. Rob directed and we cast the cheapest actress we could find for the starring role: me! During my downtime on the set, I wrote a novel, The J.A.P. Chronicles, lauded as “hilarious and poignant” by the local paper in Omaha (Jewish population: 0.0213%). Fortunately, the rest of the country agreed and the book continues to make Doubleday --and my parents-- proud. I even turned it into a musical, which ran Off-Broadway until, through no fault of the musical, the theater closed and became a condo. When a New York Times critic wrote: “Rose can indeed sing,” I decided that perhaps he was onto something. I followed the show up with my first album, Swingin’ from the Hip and am currently at work on another. A voice teacher told me never to eat either peanuts or chocolate before performing. My favorite dressing-room snack is peanut M&M’s.


The Hard Facts

Isabel Rose is best described as a renaissance creative spirit. She co-wrote and starred opposite Andrew McCarthy and Eartha Kitt in the film Anything But Love, released in 2003 by Samuel Goldwyn. Rose’s first novel, The J.A.P. Chronicles, was published by Doubleday in 2005. She adapted her novel into a one-woman musical which ran off-Broadway in 2006. Her non-fiction essays have also been included in various anthologies and she is currently working on her second novel. Isabel’s first CD, Swingin’ from the Hip, is available on iTunes and Amazon. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Yale University and holds an MFA in fiction and literature from Bennington College.



Swingin' From the Hip

Jubilee Recordings, 2010
Producer: Julian Fleisher
Arr. Jeff Klitz
Musicians: Jeff Klitz, Warren Odze, Tedd Firth, Pete Smith, Roger Squitero, Michael Davis, Charles Pillow, Robby Kershoff, Pete Smith, William Galison, Ray Marchica

J.A.P. Chronicles, the Musical (Perry Street Theater)

2006, Producer: Keith Sherman
Dir: Carl Andress
Selections available on request



The J.A.P. Chronicles

Doubleday, 2006

The Honeymoon's Over: True Stories of Love, Marriage, and Divorce

Essay, "A Real Catch"
Warner, 2007

Money Changes Everything

Essay, "The American Dream"
Doubleday, 2007

Anything But Love (Screenplay)

Co-written with Robert Cary



Booth is Back

Williamstown Theater Festival
with Frank Langella
Dir: Austin Pendleton

Six Degrees of Separation

1st National Tour
with Rainn Wilson
Dir: Jerry Zaks

J.A.P. Chronicles, the Musical

Perry Street Theater
Dir: Carl Andress


Anything But Love

A Samuel Goldwyn film
with Eartha Kitt and Andrew Mccarthy
Dir: Robert Cary
Winner of “best up and coming actress” at the san diego international film festival