Batman and His ’60s Vixens

Jul 09, 2014 | 10:00 AM


Burt Ward and Adam West in Batman (1966-1968)


This past week, the news broke that the classic and kitschy 1960s Batman television series will finally be released on Blu-ray in November by Warner Bros. It only aired for two years, but it made Adam West famous and has developed a fervent following.


I’m a fan of the show’s flamboyant fashion sense, catchy music, clever puns, and glamorous guest stars. (Did someone say, “Liberace,” as evil twins?!)



Also decadent were Batman’s brilliant, vivacious vixens:  TV temptresses who tried to outsmart our brave superhero, but never quite managed to in the end.

In honor of the show’s re-release, let’s take a look at some of its most legendary lady lawbreakers!



Julie Newmar as the original Catwoman


Most of us know the super-slinky Catwoman character well, and Julie Newmar pulled off the role with grace and some major sex appeal! For 13 episodes, she purred and pawed her way to the top of Gotham City’s most-wanted list.



Batman, trying to resist Catwoman’s charms


Newmar was eventually replaced by singer Eartha Kitt, who purred magnificently until the show’s end.



Eartha Kitt, surveying her cat kingdom


While Catwoman had some pretty creative tricks up her sleeve, I’d argue the most dangerous was her hair-raising bomb, a smoke bomb that destroyed the hairdos of any and all women in the vicinity!



No woman’s ‘do is safe from the hair-raising smoke bomb haze!


The well-coiffed Black Widow was played by respected American stage and screen actress Tallulah Bankhead, and she expertly coerced others into committing crimes on her behalf.



Tallulah Bankhead as Black Widow


This wily widow engineered electronic devices and used hypnosis and drugs to lure men into her web so they would willingly do her worst.



Black Widow, masterminding a bank heist


Off screen, Ms. Bankhead was also a society gal known for her wild, lavish parties and uninhibited, flirty behavior, so she must’ve had a blast playing this part!



Carolyn Jones, as Marsha, Queen of Diamonds


Marsha, Queen of Diamonds is one of my favorite Batman gals, because we share a passion:  high fashion and glamorous jewelry!


She regularly schemed against Batman and even almost tricked him into marrying her once.



Ms. Marsha, wooing Batman with her baubles


Portrayed by Carolyn Jones (queen of playing the macabre Morticia Adams), she was crafty, seductive, and always dressed to the nines. Charming stunner Zsa Zsa Gabor was originally favored for the part, but apparently Carolyn’s dark side won out.



Joan Collins as The Siren


When a girl’s super power is music, it’s pretty hard to resist her; when that girl is played by Joan Collins, it’s impossible! The Siren (whose alias was “Lorelei Circe”) had her own special two-part Batman episode.



Ms. Collins, studying the script


This conniving “chanteuse” — a singer able to sing seven full octaves — could mesmerize any man simply by singing a high note two octaves above High C. Before she was foiled by the Dynamic Duo, The Siren had concocted a plan to become the richest and wickedest woman in Gotham!


Do you have a favorite Batman bad girl? Let’s love to hate all of them together!





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  1. Angela     Reply

    Enjoy reading your blogs. One correction though: Tallulah Bankhead was not British; she was from Alabama. In fact, her grandfather was a Senator from Alabama and her dad was a US Representative and later, Speaker of the House. Keep on singing!

    • Isabel Rose     Reply

      Thanks for pointing that out, Angela, and glad you’re enjoying these! I know she did a lot of work on the London stage … and she sure was great in Lifeboat!

  2. Jan     Reply

    So informative! Even though I used to watch this series sometimes, I didn’t know Joan Collins appeared in it.

  3. Nicole Porter Davis     Reply

    I must say I am torn between the influence of Black Widow and the Siren! Their skills would design a wild and wicked combo!

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