How To Survive The Winter Doldrums

Jan 25, 2015 | 10:00 AM

I have the flu. Relax. You can’t catch it just by reading this, but I’m sure you can sympathize. Getting the flu in winter feels almost unoriginal. And I really don’t have time for this right now, either. I have a new single launching Monday, followed shortly thereafter by a new video. I have concerts to prepare and gowns to hem. I don’t want to be lying on my couch like a lox!


Of course being sick does give friends a chance to display some of their best qualities. Tabitha called and said she’d come over with some movies, which was touching since she has her own kids to deal with and a pretty demanding husband. I asked which ones and then told her to stay uptown. Much as I want to see what Hollywood’s got on offer for this year’s Oscar choices, it didn’t sound like any of the screeners would make me feel better.


I was contemplating a knitting project when Merton called to check in on me. I said, “Can you bring me some happiness?” … and you know what? He did!


We began our get-well film festival with the Elvis Presley classic, Blue Hawaii.




Here’s my summary: Elvis Presley sings songs and surfs and defies his father a little bit.


Virtually the minute it ended, we moved directly onto Beach Blanket Bingo.



The best part about watching either of these films when you’re sick is that if you fall asleep for a few minutes, or longer, you can still follow the plot when you wake up!


Beach Blanket Bingo has some terrific production numbers! It’s the cinematic equivalent to a TWIX bar.

Speaking of food, after some chicken soup (which Tabitha brought down— thanks, doll!), we watched one more, Girls, Girls, Girls.


girls, girls, girls

I’ll confess: I didn’t pay close attention to Girls, Girls, Girls. All the stories and colors started to blend, and I was feverish, but it was perfect “sick” viewing. These are among the dumbest, easiest to follow films ever created. Even my dog enjoyed them!


Does anyone still watch these crazy postcards to our postwar euphoria? They clearly won’t go down in history like Citizen Kane or Gone With the Wind. They aren’t African Queen or Casablanca, or even Singin’ in the Rain or Band Wagon.


Where will these flicks wind up in the bin of posterity? Will they simply be for sick days? Have you ever seen them or even heard of them? What are your “sick day” favorites?








6 thoughts on “How To Survive The Winter Doldrums”

  1. Robert     Reply

    Sick days for me are lots of bad TV – preferably old 70s/80s TV shows. One of my favorite “nodding off during it” movies is Rosalind Russell’s “Auntie Mame” – it’s a wonderful movie, but when you’re under the weather it’s easy to nod off and pick back up just in time to see the next amazing scene.

    • Isabel Rose     Reply

      I totally agree about Auntie Mame! When I was little, sick days were all about I Love Lucy reruns and The Andy Griffith Show and even Mr. Ed. I always thought they were way too old fashioned and hated them. Now I think they’re retro and fun. Show’s like Three’s Company didn’t age well and make fun sick-day viewing. Babe Watch not so much.

      • Bruce Thomas     Reply

        I remember those, too! And also being in black and white. My children have no idea what low definition black and white television was like. Also Romper Room and Mister Rogers Neighborhood and Sesame Street when I was sick as a child.

  2. Reese     Reply

    I love Blue Hawaii! Perfect Nor-Eater viewing. Stay warm, feel better!

  3. Bruce Thomas     Reply

    First, get well soon! We miss you!
    Second, I know all three films but I grew up on the other side of our age genre. I love a John Wayne movie marathon western and WWII. I also relish the sci-fi movies we grew up with (Yes I am a Star Wars nerd and watch the 6 movies in the galaxy far far away order, not the chronological release order). I also like the Marvel Universe and the Jason Bourne movies. I guess I haven’t grown up yet!

  4. Aviva     Reply

    Love those Elvis movies. A personal favorite is Girl Happy! Liz Taylor and chicken soup is a good combo too. Feel better soon!

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