What to Wear to Your Holiday Party!

Dec 17, 2014 | 6:34 PM

Cricket’s been pestering me since September about throwing a holiday party so she could wear the red turban she bought in Rajasthan last summer. “Please, Isabel, please” she pleaded.

Then my manager, Wesley, asked me to throw a holiday party for an entirely different reason: he wanted me to perform for all the movers and shakers and “taste makers” he said he wouldgirl-with-red-turban-toby-boothman invite if I agreed to host a fête at my rather glorious, tiki-lounge -decorated rehearsal studio.

“By perform,” I asked, “what exactly do you mean? Like, sing a few tunes around an electric piano? Or bring in a my whole band plus the back-up girls in Santa hats?”

“I mean a full-on show,” he said in that Connecticut lock-jawed manner that I’ve always wondered where he acquired since I know for a fact he was born in Staten Island. “And definitely turn on the glam, he added before hanging up.

So, I agreed to throw the party and now I’m panicking because I haven’t figured out what to wear and I only have a few more days until showtime. And with the pressure of movers and shakers and “taste makers”— dear Lord! What’s a simple gal like me supposed to choose?

My friend, Merton, said I should go retro-glam and sent me images of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn for inspiration. 


Five minutes later, he suggested I go à la Judy Garland since she was well-known for her Christmas specials.


My teenaged niece sent me images of Katy Perry from some of the recent Jingle Balls…


And then this happened…


Carrie Underwood is certainly an inspiration but how would I ever get into a cab in that dress? (I have no idea what’s happening on the right, people. Please help me out here.)


Marilyn could do no wrong – even dressed as Mrs. Claus.


Of course I could reprise my blue holiday dress from last year’s Christmas Unspectacular… It isn’t that far off the Judy Garland model after all.


Should I be cheeky? Sophisticated? Candy-striped? Tartan’d up? Should I jingle-all-the-way or go as a snowman?

Help me, dear Rose Note readers. Shine your light on the proper outfit!












5 thoughts on “What to Wear to Your Holiday Party!”

  1. guy a spagnoli     Reply

    My thought is, wear what you like and makes you feel great to hell with the rest. You work very hard and give, enjoy yourself and look FANTABULOUS—-GUY

  2. Diamond Dahl     Reply

    Well clearly, the answer here is… multiple costume changes!
    Wear something moderately festive and glamorous, the blue, perhaps, or a Grace Kelly number. Take some back-ups so you can see what everyone else is wearing… or if you’re me, it turns into a costume change parade all evening. lol

  3. David Laguna     Reply

    I vote for a sophisticated look.

  4. Bruce Thomas     Reply

    Go for the Marilyn Monroe/Mrs. Claus look. (You actually look like “Jessica” from Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

  5. Robert     Reply

    You seem to have forgotten the red and white dresses from the finale of “White Christmas” – though you might have the same cab issues with that, too. Maybe a red satin pantsuit a la Karen Carpenter? (http://michaelstvtray.com/tag/tv-specials/)

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