World Cup Mania!

Jul 13, 2014 | 7:58 AM

world cup 2014

World Cup 2014 is about to be decided!

In case you’ve been locked in a dungeon for the last month, I just thought I’d let you know that today is your last chance to watch the World Cup! This is it, folks. Until 2018, that is—and God only knows if we’ll even be here by then given all the nonsense in the Middle East and our predilection for trapping gasses in our atmosphere (but those are two different blog posts entirely).


Will there even be a world cup in 2018?

Even I — in rehearsal for my upcoming August 15th show while simultaneously working hard to relax a bit — have taken time out of my busy schedule to celebrate this international brou-ha-ha.


Here’s how I do World Cup!


First, let me tell you where I am. I’m in Montauk at my darling friend Tabitha’s house.


Hamptons house with ocean view

Isn’t it stylish here?

Montauk is quite a trek from Manhattan, and truth be told Tabitha makes me feel uneasy because she’s one of those women who’s always perfectly everything (perfect tan, perfect bod, perfect eyebrows, perfect kale salad for lunch every day… you know who I’m talking about).


Nevertheless, here I am on the good old East End and that’s because Tabitha is the only person I know who’s throwing a World Cup party and I wouldn’t dream of watching this wildly important international sports extravaganza in some tawdry bar where someone might get beer, or worse, on my Pucci.


Which leads me to wardrobe.


I adore Argentinian men but I’m also a big fan of German beer, so I’m rooting for both sides. Therefore, the only way to go is to go with Pucci.  It has the colors of Argentina AND Germany (and just about all the other teams who participated).


You wouldn’t wear something like this to a sports bar, either. Trust me!


So far we’ve been having a blast over here at Tabitha’s.  Merton (you may recall him from a previous post) came up, too, and he brought a super glam Paul Smith soccer ball (which I wouldn’t dream of kicking because I’m hoping to steal it and turn it into a purse but please don’t tell).  


And did I mention my house gift? Naturally, I brought along several bottles of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Champagne, because I was told by the sommelier at La Grenouille that it pairs well with sports.  


Champagne is always chic


Now, let’s talk music! Tabitha is one of those hostesses who needs more than just a few bottles of champagne to feel appreciated. So I spent a little time researching the history of World Cup music and threw together an old-school “mix tape” — which Merton put on Tabitha’s surround sound fancy stereo system and now we’re all rocking out even though it’s nearly the crack of dawn (10 am).


Here’s what I learned while I was slogging through photos of sexy men in shorts: The first official World Cup theme song, “El Rock del Mundial” was written and performed by Chilean group Los Ramblers in 1962. It also doubled as an anthem for host country Chile’s team.


 Los Ramblers’ original rockin’ n’ rollin’ World Cup song


Here are some of my favorite World Cup songs of years’ past. You just may even recognize some of them!

 Polish singer Maryla Rodowicz threw a little disco into 1974’s “Futbol”


Before Buster Poindexter, there was Arrow, shaking it to “Hot Hot Hot” in 1982!


 Mr. Blue-Eyed Soul himself, Daryl Hall belted out “Gloryland” in 1994


The number of “official” World Cup songs have exploded since the ’60s. There used to be one; this year, there are a whopping FOUR!


J-Lo and Pitbull rocked it with “We Are One” at the opening ceremonies.


J Lo and friends rocking out at the Opening Ceremony

Tonight, we’ll be treated to stunning Shakira shimmying live to the fourth and final song of the 2014 World Cup, “La La La (Brasil 2014).” I can’t wait!



Shakira shakin’ it


Now tell me, who are you rooting for? Let’s reminisce about all the wonderful World Cup moments! I’ve love to hear your thoughts — jot them down in the comments section below!


xoxo as ever,



3 thoughts on “World Cup Mania!”

  1. Jan     Reply

    Should be a great final – Germany like a well oiled machine & Argentina have Messi
    Who am I rooting for ? Well as I’m English, let’s just say it’s complicated!
    Hope you’re all not exhausted by kick off tonight 🙂 but party on!

  2. Joe Machos     Reply

    While not World Cup, I had season tickets to the NY Cosmos 1979 season. Was a junior in high school and some friends at work thought it would be cool to do. Best ticket value ever – Games on Wednesday and Sunday at the Meadowlands, with out of control tailgating by my buddies. Plus, automatic option for the same seats if the Cosmos made the playoffs. They did, but lost the title to Vancouver. Pele, Beckenbauer, Chinaglia, Yasin – Superstars of an exciting time in the the sport, all viewed from my 10th row Mezz. seat. May have been a Loss Leader for Warner Bros., but I had a blast! (BTW, Tab’s digs are beyond SuperFab!)

  3. Paul     Reply

    AND you avoided the riots by watching the game at your friend’s house. I haven’t heard of any as of yet, but World Cup and riots are like peanut butter and jelly. I’m disappointed in the trophy because it isn’t even a cup.

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