False Lash Love Affair

Aug 03, 2014 | 12:30 PM

It isn’t practical at all, but love often isn’t.


I’ve been obsessed with false eyelashes since I was old enough to realize Marilyn Monroe’s allure was, to a large part, thanks to the good folks at Maybelline.


maybelline 1963


Women have been wearing false eyelashes for decades. Once, the territory of makeup artists in movie studios, the false eyelash craze has become much more democratic over time. False lashes are for everyone now! The beauty emporium Sephora (now in every mall in America) has an entire section devoted just to them!




I’ve always been drawn to images of Hollywood’s Golden Age — and let me tell you, it would have been a lot less golden without false lashes!



  Claudette Colbert  and  Shirley MacLaine

Girls-Next-Door? Not  Anymore!



 Ann-Margret  is the Kitten with a Whip

… and Whip-long Lashes!



 Iconic Lash Wearers:

Marilyn Monroe  and  Priscilla Presley



 Jane Fonda in a Come-hither Pose from Her Modeling Years



 Twiggy’s “How-To” (look at those painted-on lower lashes!)



Liza’s Terrific  Lashes Become More Like “Eye Awnings!”


When I get my lashes on, I feel completely transported. I’m no longer Isabel Rose with a sink full of dishes to get to and the dog to walk and the whites and darks to separate and a vacuum cleaner that needs a new bag. Pshah! I’m ISABEL ROSE— Glamour Puss!!! Gal About Town! Sassy Pants! Purring Chanteuse!


Image 19

Lashes for the Reflections video


False lashes on a photo shoot


I’m not going to lie: there are times when I feel bad for the heterosexual men out there. Not only don’t they get to wear the fun clothes, they never get to wear the fun lashes!!!! If eyes are the windows to the soul, then us lash wearers get to open our windows as wide as they can go!


Now you tell me, dear readers: do you ever wear false lashes? Do you have favorite movie stars who do? Would you care to post any photos? Let’s talk lashes!!!!


Much love, as always,




6 thoughts on “False Lash Love Affair”

  1. Diamond Dahl     Reply

    I absolutely LOVE false lashes! I wore them in my driver’s license photo, I buy them anywhere random I see them–including the dollar store. As a performer, putting on lashes is like a little voice whispering in my ear “Showtime…”

    • Isabel Rose     Reply

      Totally!!! Showtime, baby…

  2. Bruce Thomas     Reply

    Nah, but as I originally read this, my daughters were dragging me through Ulta, make up shopping. They have a myriad of false eyelashes for dance routines. Me? I am a heterosexual male so I enjoy the end benefit of seeing “you” in and out of them.

  3. Janet Copeland-Novak     Reply

    YES! I <3 <3 <3 Lashes!
    I wear them every single day…..they TRANSPORT me as well 🙂
    Thanks for the post.

  4. Merton     Reply

    Scottish novelist, playwright, and poet, Sir Walter Scott, author of “Ivanhoe” and “Rob Roy,” declared, “What I have to say is more important than how long my eyelashes are.” As if! The man was, obviously, delusional. Whenever I have something extremely important to get off my underdeveloped chest, I always employ my Bornrich mink and diamond-bedecked lashes because I must be heard. If every teacher in America was compelled to wear long, beguiling, vibrant false lashes, I believe we could end attention deficit disorders.

  5. Myra     Reply

    Merton’s comments are the absolute best. I always look forward to reading them.

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