Anything But Love

In Robert Cary’s homage to the Technicolor musicals of the 1950s, Isabel Rose stars as Billie Golden, a woman infatuated with the glamour of an era long past. Though she dreams of a lush life singing in glamorous nightclubs, in reality she is a waitress who also sings in a two-bit airport lounge. To make matters worse, her boss threatens to fire her since he can no longer afford to pay her and an accompanist. In the midst of this confusion, Billie runs into Greg (Cameron Bancroft), an old high school heartthrob who is now a successful corporate lawyer. Greg offers her almost everything she could ever desire, but when she meets Elliot (Andrew McCarthy), an arrogant musician who teaches her to play the piano, she is forced to make a difficult decision. Should she choose the security that Greg can give her, or the one thing he can’t?

A hugely charming debut film… A star is born. -Vogue Magazine

Anything but love has charm and a light-hearted grace, made in the same great classic spirit as the glorious technicolor musicals. —Roger Ebert

An old-school romance that delivers the goods. Rose is vibrant. —Time Out New York

Rose, the co-author and drop-dead gorgeous lead of the starry-eyed adventure, does not disappoint. —Daily News

…altogether a charmer. Robert Cary’s Anything but Love is that rarity: an hommage to the sweeping Technicolor Hollywood love stories of the ’40s and ’50s that actually works. —The LA Times

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