Keeping the Faith, One Sequin at a Time

Aug 17, 2014 | 10:44 AM

The countdown has begun: my new album, TROUBLE IN PARADISE, is available for pre-order already, which means that — in less than one month– it will be AVAILABLE to the world!!!


“But I can’t wait that long!” you cry. “Can’t I at least have a tiny tidbit to tide me over?”


Oh, for pity’s sake, of course you can! Just click here (for iTunes) or here (for Amazon) to hear a slice of what’s to come!




Imagine dancing around to some Latin beats in your kitchen while popping basil in the pot, clinking glasses with friends to the strains of Frankie Knuckles’s final dance remix, and the next day speeding around the bend in your car to a smoldering rendition of Love Will Keep Us Together!!!


But you still need to wait for the real deal; the whole shebang; the big, life-altering BOOM of my musical extravaganza!!!!!!!!!


Waiting is something I’ve gotten quite good at over the course of my career. It isn’t a quality that seems to be held in much regard any more in our culture. Everything is so instantaneous these days. If the internet connection in my house slows down and I can’t get what I’m searching for in nano-seconds, I find myself going ballistic!


And yet, anticipation is one of life’s greatest emotional pleasures. (I don’t know if it won a Grammy, but it sure did some great things for Heinz ketchup!)


James Taylor and Carly Simon

 Sometimes we need to wait for things much longer than a few weeks. Sometimes we have to wait years.  But I’ve learned something as I’ve built my costumes one sequin at a time: I’ve learned that all the stuff that happens while you’re waiting— all the stuff that you do to pass the time and keep the faith— is the GOOD STUFF!!!!!


I started work on “Trouble In Paradise” more than three years ago.


with Bob and crew at an early session

I started my Facebook page while I was recording in Vancouver with Bob Rock.


With Bob Rock at The Wharehouse studio

There are fans who have watched me choose which songs to sing and have followed all the steps involved in making a big album. They’ve watched me do show after show to perfect the songs and the dancing and the patter.


note the sequins and boogle beads!

 It’s almost here! We just need to wait another few weeks! So let’s all enjoy the wait.


Here’s what I’ll be doing:

  • regrowing my nails (they got destroyed on the Reflections video shoot when I took off my fake nails)
  • scouring NY’s garment district stores for boogle beads
  • getting my gay PhD by reading Mel Torme’s entire oeuvre of non-fiction books
  • searching for vintage go-go boots (if anyone sees some in size 7, send them my way!)
  • sipping Mai Tai’s poolside while listening to Tito Puente!!

And yourselves???


Happy Waiting!!!!!


Much love as always,




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