Retro Outfits: Behind the Scenes with Isabel Rose

Mar 12, 2014 | 1:23 AM

What’s more important on a photo shoot than the right clothes?


My trusty stylist, Lisa von Weise Shaw, and I began our hunt at Albright Fashion Library, the go-to rental house for most NY photo shoots. Our goal was to round up some ’60s flavored outfits with great necklines. After a thorough search, we narrowed down to a handful and hit the dressing room.


We started with this Zac Posen black halter number, which I adored. It felt very “Gilda” to my eyes. My only worry was that it was a little too ’40s.



Next I tried this ultra-60s event by a new designer, Allexandre Vauthier. So Bond! So fun!

Bond Outfit


Lisa urged me towards something more elegant. My first grab was this fuscia Lanvin.


I adored it, but Lisa feared it might be hard to move in and urged me towards this Dolce.


Next came this feathered Marchesa. I mean… talk about glamour!!!!!


I thought we better try long sleeves so lisa handed me this super-retro Lanvin.


I didn’t want to wear try this Roland Mouret but I actually felt very sunny in it.

yellow dress


I hated the fit on this Zac Posen but Lisa loved it.


Another disagreement ensued over this floral Balenciaga. I didn’t love it, but Lisa said YES!



To throw Lisa off the floral path, I reached for this Zac Posen black cocktail dress.


Sticking with the whole chiffon theme, I had fun with this coral Pamela Roland.



To end the fun, I wriggled into this over-the-top Zac Posen.

Zac Posen


Albright closes hard at 1pm for lunch so we were forced to end our fun. We could only choose a few for the actual shoot. Which ones are YOUR favorites??

8 thoughts on “Retro Outfits: Behind the Scenes with Isabel Rose”

  1. Mary Alice     Reply

    My personal favorite: the Anthony Vaccarello – you would make a glorious BOND girl. Runner up: the feathered Marchesa because you belong in feathers!!!

    • guy a spagnoli     Reply

      All of the choice are great—-

    • guy a spagnoli     Reply

      It’s almost funny that you mention BOND. I was at an Oscar Red Carpet in Chicago and one model called me Bond and was glad to meet me. I laughed and said, because I’m the older BOND lololol

  2. guy a spagnoli     Reply

    Very NICE designs, colors and textures. They look great on film and you make them look even better. Your photos are what I hope create in my last scene of my film. Thank you for letting us view you—–GUY

  3. Bruce Thomas     Reply

    Always bet on black. You look lovely in all of them just proving my point that you would make a burlap sack look good!

    • guy a spagnoli     Reply

      You ISABEL, is what will make the gowns pop——GUY

  4. Edwardo Gonzalez     Reply

    You look FANTASTIC in all of them. I am waiting for your to perform somewhere near El Paso, Tx area.

  5. Doreen     Reply

    Love the feathered Marchesa, the coral Pamela Roland, and the Zac Posen.

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