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Mar 19, 2014 | 3:51 PM

Photo Shoot Day: What Really Happens On Set!

Hudson Studios I arrived at Hudson Studios on 26th & 11th at 9am to discover my stylist, Lisa von Weise Shaw, in a tizzy. The clothes from Albright, our rental house, weren’t there even though she had confirmation they had arrived the day before. I decided to stay out of her way, and went over to the hair and make up table to meet the creative team. Tracy (make up), Derek (photographer), me, Leon (hair), Lisa (stylist) and Christina (art director) Leon Gorman and (more…)

Feb 18, 2015 | 8:15 PM

Baring it all on the Red Carpet: A Trip Down Mammary Lane

I usually watch red carpet events with my favorite gossipy crew (Merton, Tabitha and Cricket) who all feel perfectly comfortable saying the things many of us think, but might not actually utter for fear of being perceived as a "hater." "Girlfriend is taking the title of the show to heart!" I remember Merton saying when Mariah showed up at the Golden Globes with two golden globes of her own. "Poor little starlet. Could she not afford more material?" Tabitha said when the (more…)

Apr 28, 2014 | 7:49 PM

Ann-Margret: Eight Good Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Her

Oh, Ann-Margret! Why do you delight me so? I'm going to tell you all a little secret: I got the tickle of a lifetime when The Jazz Times music critic wrote "Rose goes stiletto to stiletto with Ann-Margret." Of course as a fellow redhead, I've always gravitated towards Ann Margaret's distinctive style. But it is as a fellow performer that I hold her in such reverence. My girl's singing and acting career spans 50 years, and when she debuted in 1961, she was (more…)