10 Reasons to Love Brigitte Bardot

Sep 28, 2014 | 12:11 PM



Forgive the late hour of this publication, dear friends. Last night was simply one of those nights, and this morning, as you might imagine, was one of those mornings (ouch).


What, prey tell, was I up to last night, that caused me to drink 3 liters of water this morning in hopes of restoring balance to my body? I was at a Brigitte Bardot Birthday Party, hosted by none other than my dear friend, Merton (who was born in Brooklyn but his mother is french and you pronounce his name the french way, without saying the “n” at the end).


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Okay. Back to my .post


Merton’s mother, Florelle, is 81 years old and was in attendance last night, talking about what it was like in Paris in the ’50s and ’60s when Brigitte was the world’s obsession.


Florelle back in her hey day (which explains why Merton is who he is)

“There was simply no one as sexual and sensual and individualistic,” Florelle told me last night (before I forgot everything). “She was really the first true feminist.”


Merton swears the only person he could ever be straight for would be Brigitte Bardot back in the day.


And what a day it was!


I feel a little heartbroken that my friend Tabitha’s bitchy, teenage daughters ( who were at the party last night) have no clue who Brigitte Bardot is, and what she once was. Tabitha’s daughters think Kim Kardashian invented the bee hive! They think Taylor Swift invented the cool look with the hat.







Think again, girls!



Brigitte Bardot




So, listen up, children. I’m here to offer ten reasons to look up Brigitte Bardot on wikipedia as soon as you finish reading this post.


1. She could look naughty and innocent at the same time which isn’t that easy with all that eyeliner (That bow helps)!BB_4


2. She inspired a million imitators, including MOI!


random model

gwyneth as brigitte





Image 3

me again!


3. She virtually invented the bikini.








4. She played the guitar




 5. She knew just what to do with a hair clip.



6. She was “the woman” in the film And God Created Woman.

Poster - And God Created Woman_01

I mean…


7. She loves animals.

Brigitte Bardot Holding Dog


8. She gave the belt a reason to feel proud.

48466-BRIGITTE BARDOT - Bild13 - Onlinegalerie - Verwendung nur im Rahmen einer Buchvorstellung


9. She created messy hair and I am personally truly grateful.




10. She looked great even with the frizzes and in a maternity top.




So there you have it. A few reasons I love Brigitte Bardot and a few photos to inspire your own perusal of her on the internet. There are no shortage of amazing posts about her.

Indulge yourself: give your eyes and souls a treat!


Who else is a fan? I’m not alone am I? Does anyone else want to help educate Haley and Madison, Tabitha’s otherwise-decently-educated daughters? I need to take some Tylenol.


xo as always,



5 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Love Brigitte Bardot”

  1. Margo     Reply

    Yes Isabel, she was beautiful and very versatile also. Those ladies of that bygone era in the last century were classy! I am not a great fan of many of the current young celebs today. They infuse tried and true fashion statements with their clothes and hairstyles, because they can. Many of them, as you say, do not know or want to take the time to realize the value of class, intelligence, style and wit! Brigitte was pretty even w/o the makeup (guitar photo) Even if one does not exude those attributes in their own life, it is good to recognize it in others and keep it in perspective. Enjoy your day!

    • Brian     Reply

      Bardot has always been one of my favorites! But in the late 50’s and 60’s, she was not considered classy, she was considered outrageous and quite wild in Europe and America, kind of like “the current young celebs today”.
      It’s all a matter of perspective:
      And God Created Woman: “She is so far from the neat and constructed image of Hollywood stars of the time that, when the film was released in America, it provoked outrage on a continental scale.”
      “Some anecdotes speak volumes. On the evening of 7 December 1967, Paris held its breath. Charles de Gaulle and Brigitte Bardot were about to meet for the first time. Le général had invited the film star to the Elysée Palace. And in shocking breach of Elysée protocol, which at the time banned trousers for women as evening wear, Bardot arrived dressed as a Napoleonic hussar. With gold braiding and more than a dozen rows of shiny buttons covering her chest, she had her long blond mane loose over her shoulders, and her eyes neatly circled with black kohl eyeliner. The chamberlain at the Elysée must have felt a cold sweat down his spine when he saw her walking up the steps in such attire.”

  2. Bruce     Reply

    “Prey tell” ?!?! Pray tell, were you on the hunt last night or did you REALLY imbibe to much spirits!
    teasing xoxo

    Why did you ruin this beautiful ode to Brigitte by including an picture and reference to that nasty Kim K?

  3. Marie     Reply

    She was my idol and we are of similar age! Not only was she stunningly beautiful, she did her own thing and loves animals. She is truly remarkable having shunned plastic surgery and the likes to just be herself and surround herself with the things she loves animals!! She has been a champion for them and has tried to stop the clubbing of baby seal in Canada etc.etc.. She is beautiful inside and out, lucky lady!!

  4. Wolfgang     Reply

    This is a very nice blog about the stunning BB. What`s about how she pronounces arley davidzzon. Wasn’t that great? And I think, that it was quite her. Taking feelings where they are to be gotten.

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