Cher: A Hairstory

May 20, 2014 | 2:50 PM

young cher


A friend invited me to see Cher last Saturday night at The Meadowlands.

I didn’t really want to go. I was supposed to be out of town and had long been looking forward to the weekend getaway. I also thought, Isn’t Cher like 100 years old already? Do I really have to watch her strut around like a mummy on wheels?

Boy, was that show a life-changing eye opener. If ever a Cher fan was born, one was born that night!



Cher vamping — and camping — it up on stage!

I’ve always loved Cher as fashion icon, but what I saw that night was a performer of such generosity, such connection to her audience, so much showmanship, so much dazzle, it was truly an inspiration.




Want to know what her first words were to the audience? She said, “I’m 68 f–ing years old. What is YOUR granny doing tonight?” And that was that; she earned my worship.

One of the biggest highlights for me was a trip backstage before Cher went on. What caught my eye immediately were all the styrofoam heads. I knew right away what those were for: WIGS!!!!!!!!




Cher and I have something in common: We both love to put things on our heads.

My many hats and wigs

Some of my many hats and wigs

Performers in costumes is not a new concept. Wigs make you feel differently, sing differently, move differently. They give you a kind of permission to be someone else that might be harder to access without the exterior aid.


Gaga, Madonna, Katy, Rhianna— they, too, like to throw something on up there. But Cher has taken it to another level, or perhaps was just the original on which these others have based themselves. Cher has transformed herself again and again by altering her hair and through this process has found her way to slide into different personas that allow her to be the superstar she is.


Of course Cher is still that superstar with her long, flowing black locks doing the job all on their own.

long hair cher

Cher in the 1970s


But if you look at a photographic retrospective of her career, I think you, too, will see what I mean.


Cher Hair


Cher Afros


cher in blond wig





headband cher


cher with newspaper hair


updo cher


NYC Pride 2013 - Dance On The Pier



cher with braids


elvis cher


1986 Academy Awards


Which one is our favorite? Have you ever seen Cher in concert? Anyone else out there love this woman as much as I do?


Let me hear from you!





6 thoughts on “Cher: A Hairstory”

  1. suzanne aveihle     Reply

    i went to a cher concert 7 years ago in san jose california. she has been my idol for 50 years!! i used to dress l89ke her, wear my makeup like her and even tried to sing like her. when i went to the concert, people were pointing at me saying “there she IS” cuz i dressed so much like her and wore my hair like her. it was an amazing concert with cyndi lauper opening (she was amazing too) for her. you can go to my facebook page and check out my pisture to see what you think?! it’s under suzanne aveihle. thanks for this page isabel. it’s great to hear from another cher admirer!!

    • Isabel Rose     Reply

      Love it! Cyndi Lauper opened for Cher, too. Amazing. Both women totally rocked it. You must be pretty stunning if you look like Cher! Lucky you!!!!

      • Sandra Laibe     Reply

        I like the one with mini braids . Enjoy your posts.

        • Isabel Rose     Reply

          So glad you are enjoying the posts!

  2. Aliya Khan     Reply

    Really she was and she is beautiful andsmart

  3. donnagray     Reply

    Happy birthday cher. I am a big fan of yours and I love all your music. I watched you and sonny when you were together with him. I am so sorry for your lose.when he died.i know he must of been an amazing man.i will always keep buying you’re music because you will always be #1 and the most amazing woman in the world.

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