Ann-Margret: Eight Good Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Her

Apr 28, 2014 | 7:49 PM

Ann Margret Pink


Oh, Ann-Margret! Why do you delight me so?


I’m going to tell you all a little secret: I got the tickle of a lifetime when The Jazz Times music critic wrote “Rose goes stiletto to stiletto with Ann-Margret.” Of course as a fellow redhead, I’ve always gravitated towards Ann Margaret’s distinctive style. But it is as a fellow performer that I hold her in such reverence.


My girl’s singing and acting career spans 50 years, and when she debuted in 1961, she was introduced as the “female Elvis Presley.” Like Elvis, who could throw any girl into a swoon, she definitely commanded all the boys’ attention!



Ann Margret’s very first big single was “Lost Love” from her debut album And Here She Is: Ann-Margret. It featured a rendition of “Heartbreak Hotel,” accompanied by the famous Chet Atkins on guitar, Elvis’s backup singers (the Jordanaires) as well as the Anita Kerr Singers. But wait, there’s more! Also featured on the album are quippy liner notes courtesy of comedian and writer George Burns, who initially discovered her!




As an actress, she has been the star of many critically acclaimed television shows and variety specials, but is perhaps best known for her roles in Bye Bye Birdie, Viva Las Vegas and Carnal Knowledge, the latter of which earned her a “Best Supporting Actress” Academy Award nomination and proved without a doubt her depth as an all-around artist.



In honor of Ann-Margret’s 73rd birthday — and because she is, hands down, one of my own biggest creative inspirations and a true American icon — I wanted to share a few of the many reasons I love her.


1. She made movies with Elvis.


Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas


2. She dances like the wind.

Ann Margret Dance


3. She always finds the perfect headgear for every occasion.

Ann Margret hats


4. She truly mastered her signature pose.

Ann Margret Poses


5. She was even gorgeous as a cartoon!

AnnMargret Flinstones

Ann-Margret as Ann-Margrock in The Flinstones, 1963

6. She performed for our troops.


Ann-Margret at the Bob Hope Christmas Show in Vietnam, 1968


7. She knows how to handle a motorcycle — and Vespa.



8. She loves animals.




And I honored her with this poster for one of my special shows last year, which you can see below! Catch any of the visual references there?



Do you share my love of Ann-Margret? Tell me all about it in the comments section!





9 thoughts on “Ann-Margret: Eight Good Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Her”

  1. sunny     Reply

    she is and always will be a very classy lady

  2. terrybiggs     Reply

    ann-margret is the greatest, ijust love everything she does . besides her great beauty, iwas first attracted to her voice,she is a brilliant singer. i first saw in “state fair” and was knocked out by her unique singing and dancing talents, she has a style all her own.

  3. Jason K     Reply

    You didn’t list the most obvious reason why we love her. She was so hot no matter how old she was/is.

  4. maurice saldebar     Reply

    Completely agree on AM..became a fan when I was still a kid and she was in Life Magazine…has kept it classy all the way..of course remember her as Ann Margrock too…cliche ..but true..they really dont make them like her anymore..thanks for the great article

  5. Jim Athanas     Reply

    First time I saw her in Bye Bye Birdie (I was 8), I knew I was a heterosexual

  6. Billy Long     Reply

    I have loved Ann-Margret since I saw 1 of her tv specials in mid 1970’s. I also saw her in concert in 1983. She was GREAT!!!! She’s beautiful and a great singer, dancer and actress. I also think she’s a very nice person. Very humble and thoughtful.I love her and continue to watch her movies and tv appearances.

  7. Benedicte Gauthier     Reply

    i just discovered her
    she seems like a wonderful girl
    and a true equal to Elvis , some says
    I hope she s having a nice golden age

  8. Kevin     Reply

    Surfing around the web for Ann-Margret trivia on a day off, I came across your site. It’s a nice tribute to someone who, to this day, clearly projects an image of kindness and humility. Even as a young man, I could tell she had something different—besides talent and obvious physical appeal—a sort of innocence, I guess. I came from a fairly strait-laced background where morals were valued, and she was a ‘dream girl’ I didn’t feel guilty about…..super-hot, and at the same time someone you’d feel comfortable bringing home to meet the folks. A very rare combination. Thanks for the memories—-

    • Isabel Rose     Reply

      You are very welcome. Ann Margret is, indeed, a special woman and performer. Thanks for getting in touch.

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