How to Look Like a ’60s Siren

Aug 13, 2014 | 11:26 AM

My big show at The Stephen Talkhouse is coming up on Friday. Of course, this means aside from rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing, I’ve been thinking about something else very important to the performance:  My on-stage style!




While looking for some inspiration, I came across this little collection of beauty tips on “The Gloss” website, which was designed to help us gals recreate Brigitte Bardot’s look.



The terrifically-tousled Brigitte Bardot


It’s no secret that the ultra-glam Ms. Bardot is one of my style role models, so I like to think I have some of these tricks down pat. This beauty has always been able to pull off a sophisticated super smoky cat eye and false lashes … and is one of the few that can make a bad case of bedhead look perfectly coiffed!




Our Brigitte was one of the first to make ballet flats fashionable, thereby putting a touch of class (and comfort) into her casual look. I wish I could wear flats on stage so I could move as well as my male counterparts, and yet, I have to confess: when I’m in front of an audience, I need a little heel height to give me that glamorous edge.


Luckily, there are other role models for me to turn to from that era. For instance, there’s Raquel Welch! Brigette’s hair tends to be a bit too girlie for me. But Racquel? Now there’s a womanly mane!


Raquel Welch60s

Raquel Welch in the late 1960s


Sure wish I could pull of something as saucy as this!!!! I can’t lie: I covet those boots!!!



Raquel Welch performing in Las Vegas, 1973


Raquel had her own big splashy show in Vegas in the 70s, for which she managed to rope in the likes of superstars John Wayne, Bob Hope, and Tom Jones to sing along with her to semi-psychedelic versions of pop and rock songs. She even did her own totally-out-there rendition of “Age of Aquarius,” which is obviously also one of my favorite ’60s tunes!


(And take a look at what I did with it while you’re at it!)

I unfortunately can’t take you all to Acapulco, Yucatan, or Big Sur (Raquel’s exotic filming locales) on Friday, so I figured I should bring my look back down to earth a little bit.


Which is where my next 60s icon comes in: the ultimate sexpot-girl-next-door. Miss Ann-Margret!





I could sing the praises of this lady forever both as a performer and style queen (and have already previously given you at least eight reasons to love Ann-Margret)! I can say for certain I will have her savoir faire and fun-loving spirit in mind when I take the stage this weekend.





Who are some of your favorite style icons from the ’60s? I left out a whole bunch. I’m sure you can name a few. Let me hear from you!






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    Great video, Isabel! Love the bunny….

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      Thanks, Jo!

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