Babe Bares All! (in a satirical new video)

Mar 01, 2015 | 9:08 AM

I’m so proud of the journey this great song by contemporary songwriter Bianca Mincinelli has taken to the red carpet.

Off my album, Trouble In Paradise, it’s on it’s way up the AC charts right now.

I created this video in order to spark conversation about the efforts women have to go to now on the red carpet. Instead of celebrating the art they’ve created, the entire event has somehow become focused on what and how a woman has decided to present herself.

Should women seize the opportunity and make a statement? Should they brand themselves? Re-brand themselves? Should they choose what they like, or go with what their stylist or management tell them is “now” or “important”?

Is nudity freedom? Is nudity all that’s left?

While none of this “matter” in the scheme of the “real” world, it certainly is a reflection of where we are, value-wise, at least in America.

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Shelly, Texas- I think women should be free to wear whatever they want, whether it shows something off or doesn’t. Who are these stylists anyway? My grandmother never had a stylist and she always looked impeccable.


Graeme, UK – The less the better! If ya’ got it, flaunt it!


Erica, Atlanta– Listen. I think all these ladies are fabulous. Only the lord Jesus Christ can judge. The bible says, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”


Sable Coat, Alabama– Hey, Erica! I always say, “Let he who is without sin cast the first RHINESTONE!” Lol xo P.S. I’m adding this song to my show. Visit me at The Three Dollar Bill in Gadsen, AL if you ever come my way!!!!


Michelle, PA – I say cover up. I miss the days when people were classy. Even Marilyn Monroe covered up at awards shows. Nothing is gained through all this self-exposure except maybe bringing someone their 15 minutes, as Andy Warhol would say.

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3 thoughts on “Babe Bares All! (in a satirical new video)”

  1. guy a spagnoli     Reply

    As I said very good. Editing great. It reminds me of being at the Oscars last week. You did great as Cher loved it —-GUY

    • Isabel Rose     Reply

      Thanks, Guy. I worked very hard with the editor, Yossi Kimberg, finessing every single shot and mixing Getty images and footage from past video shoots in my own archives.

  2. Marc Van de velde     Reply

    Tastes are different for everyone, so why shouldn’t you just wear what you like? What your singing concerns. You don’t have to be compared with anyone, because Isabel Rose is UNIQUE!
    I’m sure you are gonna make it, girl!

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